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sanity savers ebook link

The Sanity Savers ebook allows you to  stop (mis)behaviour in it's tracks, without feeling bad or guilty, and instead, you can get on with enjoying your dog.
This e book looks at 3 training tools and how to apply them, using 3 common unwanted behaviours as examples. However, these tools work for any kind of (mis)behaviour, not just those in the examples.

Pain Free Puppy Raising ebook link

The Pain Free Puppy Raising ebook gives you the priority basics that you MUST do as early as possible. It covers the tools you'll need for success and gives step by step guides so you can provide vital learning experiences quickly and easily.  
It also includes a body language guide to help you recognise when your pup isn't having a great time - so you can intervene quickly and prevent future problems developing.

The Nuts & Bolts of Teaching Dogs Course link
Is your dog misbehaving or not listening to you?
Do you want to train your dog and have them LOVE it? Do you want your dog to respond joyfully to you even around exciting things and in busy places? Are you looking for the keys to unlocking your dog’s best self: the happy, responsive pet you know is lurking within – if only you could reach him?

To change your dog’s behaviour from ‘independent’, ‘stubborn’ or ‘disconnected’ you need to build a collaborative relationship with him. You also need to be able to communicate what you’d like him to do AND motivate him to go along with your ideas.  

Here's What Others Have Said...

 "I had just taken on a complicated rescue dog so was looking for a course that we could work through in our own time. I also couldn't commit to travelling to town to participate in a regular class so when The Nuts 'n' Bolts  of Teaching Dogs online course was recommended to me, I didn't hesitate to enrol. 

I was hoping to go back to basics with my new rescue dog as he hadn't had the best environment during his first couple of years and this is exactly what we needed - to understand how dogs learn and make sure I was helping my new mate out. 

By going through the Nuts and Bolts course I have released that almost everything is teachable and rewarding the good behaviour is much easier than checking the undesirable behaviour. We have made huge progress and I have a happier much less confused dog. I would 100% recommend this course to any new or experienced dog owner." 

Helen T and Red

 "…without Sarah’s guidance I don’t think we could have successfully helped Tui learn the ways of the world so well." 

Hannah S. and Tui

"Sarah – you are an excellent instructor with obvious skill in this area. You are generous in sharing your knowledge and I look forward to us working together some more!"

Megan B. and Ziggy

 "You gave us the tools to navigate our way to sanity." 

Jo I. and Gretal