Where Good Training is Built From Excellent Communication

Want to build that special connection but not sure how?

Maybe you’ve already been to classes, gone down internet rabbit holes, and had advice from everyone and their mother? Now your brain is so stuffed with conflicting information you don’t know which way is up.
What if someone could give you the bigger picture…
Forget recipe-training and spot-fixing individual problems; those methods don’t work in the long run. Like playing “wack-a-mole” just as you think you’ve dealt with one annoying habit, a new one pops up!
However, for your dog to thrive in our  human world, education is a must.  So how do we go about it?

So much innocence! But without an education you’re staring big problems in the face…
Using a whistle as a marker to train dolphins to come when called

Clicker Training is the answer You've been looking for!

Clicker training (or marker training, as it’s technically known) is just a method of communicating with your learner.   As long as your learner (in this case your dog) can actually DO what you’re trying to teach, it  works extremely well.

It’s used extensively in zoos across the world to teach undomesticated animals to accept care and veterinary procedures.  

It’s also used to teach many assistance dogs, guide dogs and military dogs to perform high level tasks where reliability is a must.
Marker training is even used for teaching people – it’s called TAG teach.

So why wouldn’t you use it to teach your dog?

 "…without Sarah’s guidance I don’t think we could have successfully helped Tui learn the ways of the world so well." 

Hannah S. and Tui

"Sarah – you are an excellent instructor with obvious skill in this area. You are generous in sharing your knowledge and I look forward to us working together some more!"

Megan B. and Ziggy

 "You gave us the tools to navigate our way to sanity." 

Jo I. and Gretal

HotDogs K9 Training specialise in positive reinforcement training. We focus on giving you, the human end of the lead, the skills you need to excel in whatever canine endeavour you choose.  Training your dog is a 'team sport'!