Do you find yourself asking:
"Reward based training is great...but how do I stop my dog_____???"

Sanity Savers for Positive Trainers answers this question so you can stop (mis)behaviour** in it's tracks, without feeling bad or guilty, and instead, you can get on with enjoying your dog.

This little book looks at 3 training tools and how to apply them, using 3 common unwanted behaviours as examples.  However, these tools work for any kind of (mis)behaviour**, not just those in the examples.  
It also looks at 3 very common, but not obvious, training mistakes that can really scupper your training if you don’t realise they’re happening!  They’re so common I don’t think there’s an owner/trainer alive who’s not made them at some point - but that doesn't mean you have too.

**Does not cover emotional problems such as reactivity, fearfulness or aggression. Please see a qualified reward based trainer for these serious behavioural problems.

 "I bought the book because I have a new puppy, who I want to be happy, friendly, confident and responsive. 

I think the ebook was great because it didn't sugar coat anything - there were definitely a few times with toilet training when I thought, surely I should love my puppy more than this? So I really appreciated your honesty!
The ebook has given me the confidence to stay the course with training my puppy and has meant that the training actually pays off and that I can see results. 

The Sanity Savers ebook has had a very positive effect on my relationship with my puppy ." 

Steph L.