Dealing with things that make you go “Argghh!” without using punishment

Does This Feel Familiar?

You dream of having a dog you can be proud of; a canine best friend who knows how to behave in a civilised manner, can control themselves when necessary and doesn't need to be 'micro-managed' all the time.
You’re committed to using only kind and fair training methods with your dog or puppy but…

🤔  You don’t know how to react when they do things you’d rather they didn’t?
😭  Getting cross with them makes you feel dreadful - as if you’ve betrayed both yourself and your pup?
😖  If you lose your cool, yell or physically correct your dog you feel guilty – but have no idea what else to do when your best friend gets unmanageable or destructive?
😧  You’ve tried to ignore your young dog’s unruly behaviour, only to find it gets worse?
🤯  You find yourself bouncing between 'getting all steamed up' and doing nothing?

Owning a dog doesn’t have to feel like a war! You can have a well-behaved dog, using only kind, reward-based training.  

The Sanity Savers for Positive Trainers Ebook will:

Give You strategies for when things go wrong or your pup makes a mistake. No need to get angry, gruff or scary with your dog; you’ll know exactly what to do in the moment - and how to make sure the mishaps don't happen again. You can remain calm and collected, so your dog will too.

Show you how to teach your pup what’s acceptable and what isn't without conflict or stress for either of you. Once you know how to intervene kindly and quickly, those feelings of exasperation and irritation with your canine best friend evaporate - you're in control of the situation, your dog, and yourself.  

Give you the freedom to get on with the serious business of enjoying your dog instead of constantly feeling as if you're locked into a battle of wills with them.

"I bought the book because I have a new puppy, who I want to be happy, friendly, confident and responsive.

I think the ebook was great because it didn't sugar coat anything - there were definitely a few times with toilet training when I thought, surely I should love my puppy more than this? So I really appreciated your honesty!
The ebook has given me the confidence to stay the course with training my puppy and has meant that the training actually pays off and that I can see results.

The Sanity Savers ebook has had a very positive effect on my relationship with my puppy ." 

Stephanie L. and Zephyr


This 40-page ebook contains three sections:

#1 - The best 3 ways to guide your dog so they develop the habits you want, not the ones you don't!

#2 - Solutions to 3 common problems so you can tackle them without stress or conflict. These examples show how I use the training strategies outlined in the first section. You can follow my lead and apply them to your own situation, even if you’re facing a different problem. 

#3 - The 3 most frequent errors owners make when training their dog - and how to avoid making them yourself!

Instant Download


If after reading this eBook you don’t feel you’re in a better position to prevent and change unwanted behaviour, kindly and effectively, email me within 30 days of purchase and I’ll give you a full, no quibble, refund.

Don't waste time and energy Googling 'how to stop my dog...' or asking for advice on Social Media.  You'll undoubtedly get lots of answers but will you know which are good options and which will make your problems worse?  

Instead, get the instant download of Sanity Savers for Positive Trainers to get started on your new life together. Remember, nothing says "loving owner" better than a well-behaved, happy, relaxed dog that can live life to the full with you.  

What are you waiting for? 

“I bought the e- book because I need motivation to keep trying to understand our dogs: the positive approach is something we all need to have reinforced again and again.
The book has helped me to think about how I might be positively reinforcing a behaviour I don't want. It also gave me reassurance that physical management - fences and enclosures - is actually OK. No point yelling at them..."

Megan L. and Winnie

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The information in the Sanity Savers ebook will help you provide a safe, consistent and structured environment for your dog.  This in itself can lead to improved emotional regulation, which might result in some reduction of emotionally driven behaviour problems.
However, the book isn’t designed to ‘fix’ these deep-rooted problems or the behaviours they cause.  If your dog experiences abnormal emotional reactions the best thing you can do is contact a qualified behavioural trainer and work with them in person.

Right’ and ‘wrong’ are human concepts that are very difficult for your pup to understand. However, your dog can understand that they cannot do ‘X’ but are allowed to do ‘Y’.  

Most people can see improvements within a day or so of making the changes detailed in this ebook.  However, the time it takes to reach the outcomes you want will depend on how well you follow the recommendations and where you’re starting from.  
A young puppy will be easier to guide than an older adolescent dog that already has a long history of practicing unwanted behaviours.   The more rambunctious and out of control a dog is, the more effort and time it will take to turn it around – but with these methods it can be done!

Don't Put Up With Unwanted Canine Habits Any Longer