The Fundamentals of Marker Training

Accelerate Your Training with the Science of Learning

Your Step by Step Process to Successfully Train Your Dog Using Positive Reinforcement

Whether you've had fun with basic training, and want to know more 


you compete with your dog and aren’t getting the scores you need, 

the Fundamentals of Marker Training will get you the results you want, quickly and kindly.

You CAN accelerate your training and teach your dog more quickly and easily than you ever thought possible...


The Fundamentals of Marker Training  develops a robust communication system between you and your canine teammate, so you better understand each other.  You'll...
Teach whichever behaviours you want while building an unbreakable bond built on trust, clear communication and a shared delight in the training game.
Be confident your dog will listen and respond to you reliably - even in busy places – because you know you’ve progressed their education in a sympathetic and systematic way.
See your dog’s eyes light up with joy and excitement when you invite them to train with you.  Dogs get addicted to training! They turn into empowered, enthusiastic learners who just can't wait for the training games to begin!
Avoid wasted hours getting lost in a sea of conflicting information from general Fb groups, YouTube and Google.  The internet might be a limitless source of hints and tips but they're not always useful.

 "I had just taken on a complicated rescue dog so was looking for a course that we could work through in our own time. I also couldn't commit to travelling to town to participate in a regular class so when The Fundamentals of Marker Training online course was recommended to me, I didn't hesitate to enrol.

I was hoping to go back to basics with my new rescue dog as he hadn't had the best environment during his first couple of years and this is exactly what we needed - to understand how dogs learn and make sure I was helping my new mate out.

By going through The Fundamentals of Marker Training course I have realised that almost everything is teachable and rewarding the good behaviour is much easier than checking the undesirable behaviour. We have made huge progress and I have a happier much less confused dog. I would 100% recommend this course to any new or experienced dog owner."

Helen T and Red

What's Included?

6 sections.  Each section walks you through one step of the training process so you can really get to grips with the why - and more importantly - how, of each part. Each section builds on the previous one so you have a very clear pathway to follow.
6 downloadable PDF workbooks. Each workbook walks you through activities to help cement your learning and guide your practice.  You can also use them to take notes for easy reference as you go through the lessons and demo videos.
24 lessons as text and downloadable audio files. This means you can learn by reading or listening, as you prefer.  You can listen to the audio in the car, while pottering around the house or even walking your dog so it's easy to fit learning into a busy schedule.
38 demo videos. These show you how the techniques and methods are applied.  They show a variety of dogs that are (mostly) new to the games being demonstrated.  The videos also show things going wrong and how I deal with those moments.  I don't show perfectly trained dogs doing things perfectly because that's not your reality!
Downloadable PDF of 3 detailed training plan examples: go to a mat and stay there,  come when calledand walk nicely on a lead.  You can use the information in this course to teach any behaviours you like but I've included plans for these as they are the most common things dog parents want their dog to do. The plans show you how a behaviour is built from tiny beginnings to robust 'real world' proofed behaviours so you can plan your own training for success.
Instant, lifetime access.  You have total control of how fast you work though the material so you can learn at a pace that suits both you and your dog.
    • Free Facebook student group, for when you have questions, need some help or just want to show how clever your dog is!  And not forgetting that learning with others is always more fun!  

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How Much?



If after completing this course you don’t feel you’re in a better position to use marker training to train your dog, email me within 30 days of purchase and I’ll give you a full, no quibble, refund.
You can be secure in the knowledge that the information you gain from The Fundamentals of Marker Training is current, scientifically validated and used by expert trainers worldwide.   Marker Training is the recognised method of choice anywhere humane, efficient and effective animal training is the gold standard.  It is used for all species of vertebrates, from rodents to reptiles, and from birds to fish (yes, you can train a fish!  🐠)


This training journey may take you to unexpected places. 
When you can effectively use marker training you have 'the keys to the training kingdom'. The only things that limit you are your imagination and your dog’s physical and mental abilities. 
You will never view your dog, or your relationship, the same way again.
Once you’ve experienced the captivating training dialogue that develops between you, there’s no going back. 

Are you ready to take the leap with me?

What Others Have Said:

"...excellent wording and explanations, but also doesn’t talk down to you. It gave me the basis for how to teach ANYTHING.  And why something works or why it doesn’t."
Amy M. and Sprocket
"First I want to thank you so much for all the hard work you do to give us these amazing courses. I’m learning so much and you make it easy to understand.

My ratbag terrier is really benefiting from your training methods."
Trish O. and Bonnie
"I found the videos really helpful. As a visual person, verbal and written instructions don't always make sense to a novice dog owner like me.

It's also good to see the 'not quite perfect' outcomes to see how to handle those as well - just as important I think."
Lynne D. and Chip
"…without Sarah’s guidance I don’t think we could have successfully helped Tui learn the ways of the world so well."
Hannah S. and Tui
 "Sarah – you are an excellent instructor with obvious skill in this area. You are generous in sharing your knowledge and I look forward to us working together some more!"
Megan B and Ziggy
"You gave us the tools to navigate our way to sanity."
Jo I. and Gretal

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No problem. I'm confident you'll love this course, but, if you don’t like The Fundamentals of Marker Training for any reason you're covered.  Enrol today and you can simply ask for a full refund anytime within the next 30 days.

The course starts as soon as you enrol and finishes when you're done. There's no time limit on how long you have access so you can take a break, or return to refresh your skills, whenever you like.

The videos are very detailed and you’ll need to watch them more than once to take in all the information.  There are detailed notes to support your learning and you’ll get the best out of the material if you put it into practice.  You probably want to allow a minimum of two months if you can train for about 30 minutes each day.

You can always ask me questions in the free FaceBook group.  You're encouraged to discuss the material and activities, share epiphanies and celebrate successes - that's what the group is for.  I check it daily so you're never left hanging wondering what to do next.

Although you may gain a greater understanding of why your dog behaves the way he does, this course is NOT designed to walk you through the complex task of changing emotional problems such as anxiety, fear or aggression.  Please see a qualified in-person trainer for that.

This course covers ‘teaching what you want’.  This is the biggest part of training your dog.  We do have a book available to help you with those persistent, fun, but unwanted things dogs do. However, there's no point in 'stopping' a behaviour unless you know how to teach your dog to do something else in its place!

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